Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Emo Fashion Tips

Punk Hair Care Tips

These tips are for longevity in styles, but be warned that it doesn't come out for about a week.

(1) For the little freaks out there, gel is your starting point. Good kind of gel is a big tub of something called La Bella. It costs about $4.50 - beware of cheaper rip offs!! Use the blue and green ones - they are the only ones that don't smell really bad.

(2) Use hairspray - White Rain and Freeze Frame hair sprays are both great. Use loads and loads.

(3) Egg whites: these really stink, so don't keep it in without hair spray. Slowly make a hole in the egg with a knife or whatever, and let the clear translucent goop creep out; when you start seeing bright yellow - stop! DO NOT USE THE YOLKS.

(4) Knox Gelatin: this stuff works perfect for about a week, but it stinks like crazy! It is pure protein so it will attract flies if you get it wet. Mix in a bowl that you don't use for anything else. Mix with water, and nuke it for 45-50 seconds. You can find this stuff at the store for like 3 bucks it is the best.

(5) And finally, Elmers glue. This stuff works for people with fine hair or those with curly hair. Pour some onto your hand, grab a hunk of hair, pull and twist upwards. Do not just do one or two spikes, do 6 or 7. These are the A1 pimpin liberty spikes









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